General Terms:

I have the right to decline a commission.

I do not tolerate ill behavior or harassment. If this occurs your commission will be cancelled and you will be blacklisted.

"Ill behavior and harassment" extends to others, and I will not knowingly work with people who harm others or hold bigoted views.


Payment is via Paypal invoice.

All illustration payments are upfront.

Tattoo illustration payments have a down payment, with the rest upon completion based on revisions. If the final payment is not paid, I will sell the design to make up for it.

All payments are final, and I will not refund or cancel a payment after it has been received.


I allow major revisions in the sketch stage. After this, I only allow minor revisions, such as colour adjustments, minor pose adjustments, etc.


As the artist, I hold the rights to the art created. Private commissioners may use commissioned work for personal use only, and with credit given. Rights to commercial work will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.  

The client is prohibited to sell the work in any way, including anything implied to represent the work, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  New contracts on the commission cannot be made without the approval of me, the original artist.

Commissioners do not have permission to alter the art in any way, including removal of signatures / watermarks.

For tattoo designs, only the commissioner has permission to have the design tattooed.